I am in the process of designing an app- and browser-based support system for recovery from anorexia. I envisage the app guiding the user through the entire recovery arc: from making the decision to change right through to letting go of the app’s support. It will offer guidance in making a concrete, feasible recovery plan, and provide light-touch functionality for tracking both eating and exercise and other aspects of experience that change in recovery, like mood and energy levels. It will feature self-contained online courses to help with potential sticking points in recovery, and will also encourage the user to incorporate aesthetic experiences and playfulness into their recovery journey.

You can read more about the basics in this blog post or this article, or watch this short video illustrating the rationale—part of the ‘Started in Oxford’ series.


If you have experience using other apps to support your recovery (or have found particular apps detrimental to your health during illness or recovery), or if you have ideas or comments to share about would or would not be helpful to you in an app of this kind, I would love to hear from you. Your contributions will help make the app a powerful source of help for those who are vulnerable, especially those who may not have access to expensive professional healthcare, or who may have had professional support to achieve partial recovery but never managed to leave the disorder fully behind them. Please write to me via the Contact form if you would be willing to have a brief Skype/Facetime/Facebook/Hangout chat with me about your own perspectives.