Why mornings matter
How to assess your typical morning
How to leave reality behind and dream big
How to do breakfast better
Getting in the mood
How to design your morning
Top tips and quick fixes
Your viable morning blueprint
Trying it out for real
Closing the gap between viable and ultimate
Wrapping up and reporting back

Bringing the ultimate dream closer

We end by zooming out a bit to ask what got lost in the transition from your ultimate to your viable morning, and how you can start to plan for making the former a medium-term reality. If your maximum viable ideal feels pretty damn good already, feel free to skip this lesson!


Closing the gap between viable and ultimate


Workbook activities

The workbook for this lesson contains your guide to longer-term work for making that ultimate dream your reality.

journaling quill

Journaling prompts

  1. Yesterday (3rd-person observer): Describe your day yesterday as if you were someone else, someone who’d been shadowing you all day and taking notes. Use the third person to help you re-view it from the outside.
  2. On not giving a damn: If you didn’t give a damn about what anyone else thought, what would you be doing differently today, this year, in your life? What big decisions might you have made differently in the past, what present dilemmas might melt away, what future possibilities might open up? At what times in your everyday life do you get the strongest glimpses of what it feels like to really not give a damn?
quick-win challenge timer

Quick-win challenge

Highlighting the benefits of the habits you want

Write down in your journal 5 things you’ve changed or tried out since you started this course. For each of them, describe at least one way you’ve benefited from it, whether in a direct sense (this worked, I get x from it) or more indirectly (I tried it, it didn’t work, I tried another thing that did, or it didn’t work but it got me started with the habit of making little changes, or it gave me a totally unrelated idea for something else to do…).

Bring this up in conversation with someone sometime today (or tomorrow if it’s already late) to help you explore what this means for you, and learn from any similar things the other person may have done. You can add some more notes to your journal after your chat to deepen the learning further.