Why mornings matter
How to assess your typical morning
How to leave reality behind and dream big
How to do breakfast better
Getting in the mood
How to design your morning
Top tips and quick fixes
Your viable morning blueprint
Trying it out for real
Closing the gap between viable and ultimate
Wrapping up and reporting back

Top tips and quick fixes

Some possibly provocative alternatives to what may be your defaults.


How to easily sidestep the standard traps

journaling quill

Journaling prompts

  1. Yesterday: How was yesterday, and how has today been so far?
  2. The origins of my routines: How did your current routines come about? What are some of the main influences that have shaped them in the past? (You might consider other people, your environment, your work/study priorities, etc.) Have the ways they mould your routine changed over the years? Are there any interesting absences of influence?
quick-win challenge timer

Quick-win challenge

Ritualizing the beginning

Choose something in the “make this feel new” category (point 2 in the audio/transcript): some little symbolic marker—maybe in the form of a mini treat—to set this phase in your life off from the previous one.

Tell your journal what you’re doing and why.

And for a bonus quick win this time, since there aren’t any other activities for this lesson: If any of the top tips appeal or intrigue (or appall!), choose one of them to try out tomorrow. Note down in your journal what you expect (including: This will be awful!), and then what you actually found.