Design your dream morning

Why mornings matter
How to leave reality behind and dream big
How to assess your typical morning
Step by step to mapping out what matters
How to do breakfast better
Your viable morning blueprint
Trying it out for real
Your viable versus your ultimate dream
Wrapping up and reporting back

Two ways to awaken body and mind

You may have very little disposable time in your morning, in which case you may not want to prioritize the options in this section. On the other hand, if you have reason to think that doing something mind/body-oriented in the morning is helpful for you, or if you’re just curious about whether it could be, you might like to give thought to where you could fit a bit in, and how much. Any of the elements in the movement sequence can be done as standalone move or pose, so if you want you can just choose your favourites The guided meditation is also best done in (slow) movement. You can slot either or both into the morning you design here, or if you like the idea of them but really can’t fit much or any of them in, you can add them in somewhere later in your day instead.

If you have any kind of problem with “exercise” (though I dislike the word and don’t think of what’s here as falling into that category), be sensible about this. If you suspect you’re incapable of taking these movements for what they are—opportunities to feel your body doing something coordinated, something skilled, maybe something new, and through that to achieve an experience of oneness with it that might be hard to achieve otherwise—and if you suspect that instead you’ll probably turn them into a means of punishing yourself or controlling your body’s size, weight, or shape, then please don’t do them (and do not feel guilty about not doing them!), or be highly selective and highly reflective before, during, and after. This is not about you changing your appearance or proving you can keep going despite feeling weak or tired. Similarly, if you’re injured, use your judgement (or consult your physio/osteo/trainer).

Maybe try both options out (perhaps just the first few minutes of the guided meditation) if they appeal, and see whether you’d like to incorporate some or all. Wear loose or stretchy clothing and comfortable shoes, or none, and give yourself an invitation to move a little differently. I hope you might find something in here that feels lovely early on in your day.