Why mornings matter
How to assess your typical morning
How to leave reality behind and dream big
How to do breakfast better
Getting in the mood
How to design your morning
Top tips and quick fixes
Your viable morning blueprint
Trying it out for real
Closing the gap between viable and ultimate
Wrapping up and reporting back

Getting in the mood

Now you’ve tinkered with breakfast, it’s time to try out another couple of body-oriented components. You may know you want something like meditation or movement in your morning; you may not be sure. Try these out to get a flavour of some options.


Two ways to awaken body and mind

get ready yoga mat

Getting ready

For the movement/stretching sequence you’ll want 1) a long resistance band or strap or just a scarf or anything else long and thin and flexible; 2) a dumbbell, kettlebell, or other object the right size and weight to hold by your chest as you squat; 3) a section of blank wall or other vertical surface you can get next to; 4) maybe a table or chair or other surface to help with balance; and optionally 5) a mat to lie on and 6) an armchair or sofa.

For both this sequence and the guided meditation, make sure you have space around you; outdoors would be lovely if you can. Wear loose or stretchy clothing and comfortable shoes, or none. 

journaling quill

Journaling prompts

  1. Yesterday (bullet points): Write half a dozen bullet points about yesterday, then elaborate on one or more of them.
  2. Acting against my fear: Think of a time (recently or as long ago as you like) when you were seriously nervous or scared of doing something but ultimately went ahead and did it anyway. What was generating the nerves or the fear, and what were its effects? How did you bring yourself to overcome enough of it to act anyway? How did you feel right before you did the thing, as you did it, immediately afterwards, and a few days or weeks later? 
quick-win challenge timer

Quick-win challenge

Downscaling the habits you want

Set a five minute timer, lie down on the floor (flat, or with cushion under knees for lower back, or with legs up against wall straight or in butterfly), close your eyes.

A little later in your day, choose a track you love (around 5 minutes long) and create a private interlude with it. Turn it up loud, and do whatever you want to it: listen, lie, breathe, wait, move, dance, feel…

As ever, use your journal to plan and/or reflect if you like.