Why mornings matter
How to assess your typical morning
How to leave reality behind and dream big
How to do breakfast better
Getting in the mood
How to design your morning
Top tips and quick fixes
Your viable morning blueprint
Trying it out for real
Closing the gap between viable and ultimate
Wrapping up and reporting back

How to do breakfast better

Breakfast may be fully on your radar or barely. This lesson helps you assess what it’s doing for you right now and gives you a framework for making it work (even) better.


Investigating breakfast


Workbook activities

Use the workbook materials on “how to have breakfast” to help you take the next reflective and practical steps.

journaling quill

Journaling prompts

  1. Yesterday: Write a bit about yesterday, opening out into wider reflections wherever they feel relevant.
  2. Happy meals: What are some of the loveliest things you’ve ever eaten or drunk, recently or longer ago? How exactly did they make you feel? Is there anything of these feelings in the way you eat day to day? (None of this need be specifically breakfast-related!)
quick-win challenge timer

Quick-win challenge

Laying the foundations

Especially if you’re a bit nervous about making and following a new breakfast plan in this lesson, you might find it useful to start really small, with a single, simple addition or upgrade.

Either: If you don’t usually have breakfast, have something tomorrow, even as small as one piece of bread and butter. (If you have eating problems, don’t assume yourself exempt; there’s no more powerful meal of the day.)

Or: If you do usually have breakfast, ask yourself what’s the simplest way you could upgrade it, e.g. if you have eggs you could get the nicer ones with darker yolks from happier chickens, or if you read while eating but it’s always a rush you could get up 10 minutes earlier so you can read a whole chapter of the book you have on the go, or if you’re never quite… Then go and do it!

Make notes before and after in your journal to help it happen and help you learn from it!