Design your dream morning

Why mornings matter
How to leave reality behind and dream big
How to assess your typical morning
Step by step to mapping out what matters
How to do breakfast better
Your viable morning blueprint
Trying it out for real
Your viable versus your ultimate dream
Wrapping up and reporting back

Wrapping up and reporting back

Well done, you’ve now finished this course! At least, I hope you have. If you’ve just been reading/listening through the material to get an overview, I encourage you to go straight back to the beginning now and complete the first task; it should be a fun one! If you’ve skipped some lessons or activities that you thought sounded useful but couldn’t quite bring yourself to do at the time, consider this a gentle prod to turn back to them now, and either tackle the first right away, or make a calendar note for when you will.

In all the work I do helping people live more fully—through coaching, running events, conducting research, writing of all kinds, and courses like this one—the thread that runs most strongly through everything is that if you change nothing, nothing changes. If you continue to amass insight upon insight and never act on them, nothing changes. The insight/action gulf can feel brutally wide, but the funny thing is, it’s almost always the case that as soon as we’ve managed to step over it, we look back and marvel at how unimpressively narrow it seems from where we’re standing now—less a chasm than a little fissure. We also tend to look back with a mixture of relief (that we finally did it) and horror, at the thought of how easily we might have wasted another year, or decade, not taking that small step.

So, congratulations, you have taken steps. Maybe not all that were needed, but the first are the hardest—or rather, the easiest not to take. If you haven’t taken any at all and don’t see how to, please reach out and tell me why not, and we’ll see whether I can help.

Before you finish, I’d love to know more about your experience of taking this course—whether it did what you wanted it to, and anything else you’d like to share. As I noted at the start, if you’re willing to give your name in both the pre-course and the post-course surveys, I’ll then be able to analyse your pre/post responses together, which will be even more helpful. You can access the survey here.