Recovery coaching pans out differently for everyone, and I offer a coaching format designed to respect the non-linear nature of recovery. My approach insists on the non-negotiable changes that need making to your eating and your other activities now, today, while also acknowledging that those changes won’t happen unless we keep the bigger picture in view. What we do is resolutely focused on ensuring that concrete short-term goal-setting furthers your (perhaps grander and less tangible) medium- and long-term aspirations.

Coaching with me is organised in four-week blocks, with a range of intensities and ingredients that we can tailor to your needs. All variants are geared towards helping you make and sustain the practical changes that will collectively dismantle your eating disorder. To achieve this, coaching with me includes regular video chats in which we reflect on how things have been going and agree on a plan for practical changes to make or consolidate in the next phase. In preparation for each conversation, you’ll complete a set of reflection and feedback questions to help us both understand what went well, what less so, and what should come next to help sustain your progress.

I also suggest exploratory tasks for you to tackle alongside the central everyday changes you’ll be making each week, to help you understand and challenge some ingrained aspect of your illness more comprehensively — whether distorted thought patterns or unhelpful behaviours or ways of interacting with other people. I’m always expanding my library of tasks, and what I suggest or create especially for you to work on will depend on which aspects are holding you back and which seem ripe for confronting at any given point in your recovery process.

Here are a few examples of how past clients’ coaching pathways have turned out. I advise weekly check-in conversations and daily emails for the first four weeks. You may then feel ready to reduce the intensity immediately, or you may need several months of weekly conversations before this feels right. You may wish to take a break between four-week chunks to assess what you’re now able to sustain independently and what is still difficult for you; you may not.

In the graphics below, based on recent clients’ coaching trajectories, the white boxes show the additional exploratory tasks undertaken in each block.


Pathway 1


Pathway 2


Pathway 3