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Design your morning, redesign your life

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What five things do you do first when you wake up in the morning? Why do you do these five and not anything else you could be doing? If you can give an immediate answer to both, you probably don’t need this course. If you can’t easily answer either or both, it may have something to offer you—especially if you feel a little intrigued by the questions, and/or have the feeling that maybe your first-thing routines aren’t working particularly well for you right now.

The point of the course is to help you design a morning routine that works for you—whether it’s a Monday-Friday sequence, a weekend oasis, or a once-a-week reset; whether you have 3 hours to play with or only 20 minutes—and then try it out. It is absolutely not about 5 a.m. alarms, hours-long meditation sessions, or other unhelpful clichés about the “right kind of morning”.

I’m working on this course right now, and plan to launch in late 2022.

Getting the content right is tricky! If you’d be willing to share your thoughts about the current course design, I’d love to know what you think.

You can find a 9-question survey here. Thank you in advance for your time!

And if you’re interested in taking the course or finding out more, and would like me to let you know when it’s live, you can sign up here.

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