If you’re new to my blog, you might like to follow my Facebook page to find a guide through my many blog posts in a meaningful order: starting with the story of how I came to the decision to finally get properly better, and continuing through explorations of the physical, cognitive, and social realities of both anorexia and recovery from it—as well as forays into questions about food and bodies more generally, from the idiocy of ‘clean eating’ to the importance of leaving your phone in your bag a lot more often.

I don’t do much else with social media, though I do have a now rather rusty channel devoted to my powerlifting (well, OK, mainly to my squat training), including a few competition lifts. If you’re interested, it’s here.

I also took part in Oxford University Powerlifting Club’s 2015 video Lift Like a Girl.


And, well, I’m not on Instagram or Twitter, but maybe that will change one day… I’m currently thinking about getting involved in micropodcasting; more here when/if I do.