Learning to let go of disordered eating.

Hunger Artist.

Established in 2009, the Hunger Artist blog explores what it’s like to have anorexia nervosa and to recover from it, emphasising the crucial role of behaviour change (relearning how to eat) as the fulcrum between psychological and physiological healing. The blog links the personal experience (mine and what I’ve learned of other people’s) with the scientific research, and traces the connections between anorexia and the rest of life, from career and friendship to sex and sport.

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The Mathematics of Optimization in Recovery

How to optimize the optimization process that is recovery from anorexia. If you prefer, you can find abridged versions of the three parts in this miniseries on Psychology Today starting here. Part 1: Introducing cost functions and their limitations “Optimizing for” something has a simple colloquial meaning of setting things up to get as much…

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I’m a researcher, writer, and coach, and also run a writing programme for Oxford University. My academic research focuses on the psychological effects of reading narrative, including on health.

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